The focus of O-T-S is the development and delivery of training programs for electric power system operations personnel.

O-T-S has developed a new Power System Fundamentals course.  The course begins with basic DC and AC concepts then describes how the power system is operated and concludes with an overview of the purpose and application of NERC's Reliability Standards. Click here for a complete course description.  This course can also be customized to particular companies' needs.

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Operations-Training-Solutions (O-T-S) is presenting three classes at California ISO facilities in Folsom, CA. Power System Dynamics will be held the week of February 19-22, 2019, Power System Protection the week of July 23-26, 2019 and Dynamics of Disturbances the week of September 17-20, 2019.  The classes start at 8 am and end by 5 pm each day.  Each class enrollment is limited to 35 students.  33 NERC CEH will be awarded after successful completion of either class.

Each class fee is $1,100 per student.  The enrollment fee includes student notes, break beverages, snacks and lunch.

Click on Power System Dynamics or Power System Protection or Dynamics of Disturbances for a detailed description of the class content.  Contact Terri Terbrueggen at terri@o-t-s.com for information on class enrollment.



LogoThe focus of O-T-S is the development and delivery of training programs for electric power system operations personnel. Training areas include electricity fundamentals, frequency control, voltage control, voltage stability, angle stability, NERC Standards, and protective relaying. Click on the "Class Information" tab for detailed information on course offerings.  We also have a brochure detailing class information.  Click here to view the brochure.


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Otter Tail Power (OTP) is offering 5 classes in 2019 in Minnesota!  Following are the class titles, click on any class to get the brochure detailing the class information ~ Power System Fundamentals, 2/25-28/19; NERC Reliability Standards Certification Prep Seminar, 3/25-29/19; Spring 2019 PSR Drill and Training - Dynamics of Disturbances, 4/15-18/19, 4/29-5/2/19 and 5/13-16/19; Fall Restoration Drill - Power System Protection, 9/30-10/3/19; NERC Reliability Standards, 11/4-7/19.


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Operations-Training-Solutions (O-T-S_001) is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as a continuing education provider who adheres to NERC Continuing Education Program Criteria.



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