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Southwest 2011 Outage

The Dynamics of Disturbances class has been updated to include a detailed description of the 9/8/2011 Southwest outage.


The Grid Poem

By Jim Orlando; jorlando@nisource.com


Twas the 14th of August and thru many states
Not a lightbulb was burning, something NERC really hates 

MISO was nestled all snug in his chair
Just twiddling his thumbs, with nary a care 

The frequency chart moved so lively and quick
He thought for a moment, the meter was sick 

But the chart that reads 60 spiked up to new heights
Something had to be done, or there’d be folks without lights 

And back in Ohio where energy’s first
A line had let loose, made a bad matter worse 

That line was the first, the rest followed like sheep
There was many a lineman about to loose sleep 

The lights started to flicker, and then they were gone
That’s when the phone rang it didn’t take long 

MISO was calling to check on Ohio’s Grid
But the computer was down, and breaker ops hid 

Hanna was down and Juniper too
No one was sure of just quite what to do 

As control area went down, one after another
NERC took the lead, just like the hen mother 

And laying a finger aside of her nose
And giving a nod, all the schedules were froze 

From Detroit to New York the power had faded
Our power they said, the Canadians raided 

Power was back, by the end of day two
Except for up North, they were left in the stew 

50 million were left with lights that don’t work
Placing the blame was the vow made by NERC 

Fingers began pointing in a matter of weeks
At Indy and Akron they say something stinks 

Blaming Canada only proved to be futile
Twas 1st Energy, that got the wet noodle