The focus of O-T-S is the development and delivery of training programs for electric power system operations personnel.

Southwest 2011 Outage

The Dynamics of Disturbances class has been updated to include a detailed description of the 9/8/2011 Southwest outage.



www.nerc.com is the website for NERC. NERC helps ensure reliability in the North American power system. System operators can obtain NERC certification information at the NERC website.

www.relaytech.com is full of information for those interested in power system protection.

For information on the NERC system operator certification program, go to www.nerc.com, select Programs in the drop down menu on the far right and select System Operator Certification.

Regional Reliability Entities:



FRCC ~ Florida Reliability Coordinating Council

MRO ~ Midwest Reliability Organization

NPCC ~ Northeast Power Coordinating Council

RFC ~ ReliabilityFirst Corporation

SERC ~ SERC Reliability Corporation

SPP ~ Southwest Power Pool

TRE ~ Texas Regional Entity

WECC ~ Western Electricity Coordinating Council