The focus of O-T-S is the development and delivery of training programs for electric power system operations personnel.

Southwest 2011 Outage

The Dynamics of Disturbances class has been updated to include a detailed description of the 9/8/2011 Southwest outage.

NERC Practice Tests

NERC has four options for certification. A system operator can be certified as a: 

  • Transmission Operator
  • Balancing & Interchange Operator
  • Balancing, Interchange & Transmission Operator
  • Reliability Authority Operator 

All four of the NERC Certification tests address essentially the same technical material. However, the different tests each have their own emphasis. For example, the Transmission Operator test emphasizes transmission issues such as voltage control and protection. The Balancing & Interchange Operator test emphasizes generation and interchange issues such as AGC and reserves, etc. Links to two practice tests are provided below. Each of the tests is general in nature and contains questions that you might find on any of the NERC Certification exams.

For information on which test you may need to take, go to www.nerc.com, select Programs in the drop down menu on the far right and select System Operator Certification.

To take a 50 question practice exam click here.



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